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Visiting North Europe in e-bike is the best way to travel long distances on your electric bike, without having to have competitive cycling training. Scandinavian countries, such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway are some of the most appreciated destinations by those who want to live an experience of Travel in e-bike, ecological and sustainable. 

The great sensitivity of these countries towards ecology and innovation has, in fact, made them one of the most suitable destinations for cycle tourism. E-bike trips in North Europe And it's a great way to experience the beauty of nature, culture, authenticity and innovation, hard to find in other destinations. 

Scandinavia has, first of all, a network of services and cycle paths well organized: this simplifies and makes the trip enjoyable even for less experienced cyclists. Furthermore, the use of e-bikes for tours in North Europe allows everyone to leave for an unforgettable experience: from the most experienced cyclists, to beginners, from families with children, to older people. The support of assisted pedaling, in fact, reduces the physical effort normally required by a bike. This allows you to tackle even steep stretches or longer distances, without necessarily having to have a previous athletic preparation. 

Your holidays in e-bike in North Europe will conquer you: it will be almost impossible to come back home! 

Find the e-bike holiday in North Europe most suitable for your needs

E-bike tourism in North Europe is very widespread and there are many itineraries that can be followed to discover the wonders of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. 

Here are the itineraries we have selected for you: 

Itineraries that might interest you

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