Welcome to Cyclando! Let’s plant trees together for a sustainable future.

Our commitment to the planet

At Cyclando we strongly believe that a more sustainable future is essential to the well-being of our planet and all its inhabitants, including ourselves.

Our platform was created with the intention of introducing as many people as possible to the beauty and significance of using an environmentally-friendly means of transportation as the bicycle, even during trips and holidays.

A Tree for every Trip

Over time, our commitment has extended further and today the initiative we have taken to plant a tree for every trip we sell stands as our contribution to the well-being of our planet.

For every trip that you book through us, we allocate a portion of our earnings to reforestation, planting trees in different areas of the world. This way, every time that you choose to travel with us, you are also making a tangible contribution to the fight against climate change, allowing Cyclando’s forest to grow bigger and bigger.

Why Reforestation is so important

Reforestation is a vital activity to tackle the climate challenges our planet is facing. Trees not only absorb carbon dioxide, reducing the greenhouse effect and helping to slow down global warming, but they also create essential habitats for wildlife, preserving biodiversity, which is crucial for the health of our planet.

Our Green Community

In addition to planting trees, we are committed to raising awareness and engaging our community of cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts on important environmental issues. Through the sharing of information and tips, we hope to inspire everyone to do their part in protecting and preserving our precious planet.

If you too want to be part of our community, follow us on social media, or subscribe to our newsletter to find inspiration and exchange green ideas with other Cyclanders.

Cycling together towards a Sustainable Future

As Cyclanders, we are proud of being part of a positive change that prioritizes respect for the environment and all living beings. We are also grateful to have you alongside us on this journey towards a better future. Let’s keep cycling together towards a global well-being. By combining your passion for travel and cycling, you contribute to leaving a positive impact for our planet and future generations!