France in e-bike

Embark on a super green vacation exploring France in e-bike: immerse yourself in natural beauty.


France in e-bike for a super green vacation

Choosing France for an e-bike vacation is the best way to discover the natural and artistic beauties of this amazing country, in a completely green way. 

The tradition of cycle tourism is very strong throughout the country and it is the presence of more than 2600 km of pedestrian and cycle paths that make e-bike tours in France an experience not to be missed. The diversity of landscapes, but also the altitude differences presented by some routes, especially in hilly and mountainous areas, can however increase the difficulty level of some routes. For this reason, one of the best ways to discover France in full freedom is by e-bike.  So, an e-bike holiday in France is perfect for both older cyclists and the younger ones: the advantage of pedal assistance, in fact, is precisely that of reducing the physical effort required. 

France by electric bike is always a great idea for a summer trip, but also in other seasons: imagine riding the voie vertes of Provence in spring, or dream of immersing yourself in the autumn colours of Alsace. Whatever your destination, you will certainly not be disappointed!  

Discover the most beautiful routes of France in an e-bike

The e-bike routes to follow in France are numerous and allow you to create a winning mix of sport, nature, adventure and culture in your holiday. Most of the routes indeed combine world-class cities of art, passing through vineyards, fields, forests, lakes and cliffs. 

If you are looking for the perfect solution for your trip to France in an e-bike, here are the routes we have selected: 

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