Holland by bike and boat

Travel the Dutch way, discover Holland by bike cycling wonderful routes and sleeping on elegant barg


Holland by bike and barge: discover trips suitable for the whole family

Discovering Holland by bike and boat is an extraordinary journey, perfect for who travels with kids, but also for who wants to get closer to the world of cycle tourism, or wants to discover Holland through an active and sustainable travel style.

The large presence of canals that have drawn and characterize the Dutch landscape, combined with the vast network of cycle paths, make Holland the perfect destination for a bike and boat tour. It is no coincidence that Amsterdam is known as the city of bicycles, but also of boats, because the canals are in effect road arteries.

Discovering Holland by bike and barge allows you to always have a point of support nearby and not to change accommodation every night: in this way, in fact, you will alternate bike routes with boat stops.

You will be able to admire the splendid blooming of tulips, enjoy the relaxation of the ecosystem of Lake Ijssel, admire the beaches overlooking the North Sea and sail to Flanders and romantic Bruges. If you choose for your next holidays a trip to Holland by bike and boat with children, you can combine fun, nature, relaxation and culture, bringing them closer to the world of cycling, but without pushing them too much.

Visit Holland by bike and boat with Cyclando tours

Are you planning your next trip to Holland but you still don't know which itinerary to choose? We have selected for you the best tours of Holland by bike and boat, perfect for the whole family:

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