Discover Eastern Europe by bike with an organized trip

Cycling in Eastern Europe allows you to admire a great variety of landscapes and cities of art, for a holiday dedicated to nature and sport.

Among the most interesting cycle paths there is certainly the Danube Cycle Route, which starts from Germany and reaches Ukraine along more than 2800 km of route. Along with the Danube cycle path there are also the Eurovelo, the beautiful islands of Croatia, in addition to the unspoiled nature of Albania.

Discovering the beauties of Eastern Europe by bike allows you to recover the right time to admire the variation of the landscapes, immerse yourself in the different local cultures and embark on a journey as a true explorer. It is also important to know that the Danube Cycle Route and some sections of the Eurovelos are suitable for all levels of cyclists’ preparation, so they are for you even if you are traveling with the whole family. A cycling holiday in Eastern Europe is certainly something new and exciting: you just have to get on the bike!

Find your bike tour in Eastern Europe among our travel proposals

Even the most passionate cyclists sometimes struggle to find the right itinerary for their holidays, which is why we have selected the best bike tours in Eastern Europe for you:

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