Baltic Republics in e-bike


The Baltic Republics in e-bike for a green holiday in nature

A trip to the Baltic Republics on an ebike allows you to discover unspoiled natural landscapes, art cities, UNESCO heritage sites and villages that celebrate the authentic traditions of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

The ebike is the perfect means to visit these three states overlooking the Baltic Sea, because it allows you to cover long distances, without overly tiring the body. For this reason, holidays on ebike in the Baltic Republics are the ideal choice for everyone, even for those traveling with children. Crossing the green landscapes that alternate forests with cultivated fields, is an unforgettable emotion. The Baltic countries, however, do not only offer rural landscapes, but also expansive beaches overlooking the Baltic Sea, where you can relax and perhaps even take a dip during the summer season. 

Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius are unmissable destinations, but they are only a stage of the trip to the Baltic Republics on ebike, before venturing into uniquely charming places such as the Hill of Crosses, the island of Saaremaa, Sigulda and the Trakai Castle. 

In recent years, the Baltic Republics have equipped themselves with numerous services to support cyclists, including numerous cycle paths, especially in Estonia. The low density of car traffic makes normal roads, which cross most of the points of interest in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, ideal for cycling too. 

Cycling tourism in the Baltic Republics: discover all the bike tours of Cyclando

If you are planning your holiday in Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, but you are not yet sure which itinerary to choose, we have selected for you the best e-bike tours in the Baltic Republics, for a trip suitable for everyone.

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