Baltic Republics by Bike


Discover the Baltic Republics by bike with a pleasant and relaxing trip into nature

The Baltic Republics are a perfect destination to discover by bike. The predominantly flat territories, combined with the long summer days and limited vehicle traffic, make Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia an emerging destination for bike tours. 

If you choose to spend your vacation biking in the Baltic Republics, you will be able to immerse yourself in unspoiled nature characterized by forests, lakes and wide green spaces, but you can also dedicate yourself to discovering the three capitals: Vilnius, Tallinn, Riga, and numerous UNESCO heritage sites.  

Discovering the Baltic Republics by bike allows you to savor a slow travel style, in contact with and respecting nature, immersing yourself in local traditions that are still very strong, especially in rural areas.  

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have evolved a lot in recent years to better accommodate cyclists, but it’s particularly Estonia that has numerous well-marked national bike routes. The National Biking Route no.1 is also part of the Eurovelo 10 and follows the Estonian coast. Also not to be missed is the LatEst tour, a route of over 1200km that connects Latvia and Estonia alternating paved roads with dirt sections.  

If instead you want to plunge into a full immersion on the cycling routes of the Baltic Republics you can choose to take the itinerary that will take you on a discovery of the three capitals alternating bus stages with bike sections. The absence of major elevations makes the vacation biking in the Baltic Republics the ideal choice for both beginner cyclists and those traveling with children.  

Cycling in the Baltic Republics: discover all the bicycle tours of Cyclando

Cycling in the Baltic Republics is increasingly popular and if you are looking for an itinerary for a vacation that combines nature, culture and sustainability, we have selected the best tours for you that will take you on a discovery of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia:  

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