Paestum and the Cilento National Park

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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

2/5 Medium-Easy

Moderate-Easy, between 25 and 65 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 150 and 300 meters.



The starting point is the same as the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Capaccio Paestum (6.5 km)
Arrival at Paestum station and transfer to the hotel. The bikes will be delivered directly to the hotel. Alternatively, you can go to pickup from our store a few kilometers away from the hotel while your luggage is transported to the hotel. You can start to stretch your legs and explore on a short introductory bike ride. Crossing the plain of the Sele River, you will reach the ancient walls that bordered the Greek city of Paestum and finally to the Temples where a visit is a must. Those who have more time can go to the beach for a swim and some relaxation in preparation for the first proper bike ride tomorrow.
Dinner at the hotel with typical dishes.

Day 2: Paestum – Felitto (50 km)
If you haven't done already, before departing you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Temples and the attached museum. Inside it houses a collection of prehistoric tools, vases from ancient Greece, and sculptures from the Roman era. Don't miss the famous "Tomb of the Diver", a rare example of funerary figure painting from Magna Graecia. In addition to the three temples and the amphitheatre, there are the tomb of the city's founding hero and some remains of houses, roads, baths, fountains, and what remains of the majestic city gate. For lunch, we recommend stopping at one of the many dairies where you can taste mozzarella and fresh typical products. After the first uphill part, you will continue to cycle at the foot of Monte Soprano up to Trentinara, a small village located on a promontory from which you can enjoy a view of the entire coast. After a coffee and short stop, you will proceed to the ancient medieval village of Monteforte Cilento, passing through Magliano Vetere and Magliano Nuovo, which is reachable with a challenging climb. The efforts will be rewarded by a splendid view of the Gole del Calore. The excursion continues to Felitto where you can stop for a walk in the old village and on the medieval bridge allowing you to cross the Calore gorges. After a few more kilometers, you will arrive at the farmhouse, where you will dine on local specialties.

Day 3: Valle del Calore (40 – 65 km)
Today you can choose from several options, with both departure and return at the farmhouse. You can choose to explore the valley of the Calore River, cycling towards Castelcivita on a road that crosses a straight line of limestone quarries for about 5 km. Alternatively, you can visit the church of S. Michele built in the cave at S. Angelo a Fasanella. You can take a walk in Old Roscigno, also known as the "Pompeii of the 20th Century", and visit its small museum. You will continue towards Sacco, located at the foot of the imposing Monte Cervati: from there the descent to the Sammaro gorges will begin. You can rest along the banks of the Calore River, where with a bit of luck you will find some otters to keep you company. The return to the farmhouse will be along quiet country roads, in the shadow of lush chestnut and beech trees.
At the farmhouse, a delicious traditional dinner based on grandma's old recipes awaits you.

Day 4: Felitto – Ceraso (60 km)
Today's excursion will take you from the valley of the Calore River to the heart of Cilento, at the foot of the Alento River hills. From Felitto, you head south with a possible detour to Laurino, where you can walk in the historic center among the ancient noble palaces, up to the castle. From here, taking a quiet country road through the woods, you will reach Stio and then Gioi, a small village on top of a hill. You will then proceed towards Moio della Civitella, where you can visit the ruins of the ancient pre-Hellenic city. Here you will find many scenic spots suitable for eating your packed lunch. From here the descent will begin, passing through Vallo della Lucania, Massascusa, and Ceraso where a short stop is necessary to enjoy the tranquility of these places and know the real essence of Cilento. Today's excursion ends at the farmhouse in Ceraso where you can enjoy an excellent dinner based on local products in the evening.

Day 5: Ceraso – San Marco di Castellabate (50 km)
Today you will leave Ceraso to head towards S. Marco di Castellabate, along the route you can enjoy breathtaking views of the untouched coast of Cilento, at the foot of Monte Stella. From the farmhouse, you will descend towards the coast where you can stop to visit the ruins of ancient Velia, the cradle of the Eleatic school of Parmenides and Zeno which saw the birth of one of the first medical schools in Europe. Among the remains, you will find the first example of the use of the vault in Greek architecture, the so-called "Porta Rosa". Other points of interest are the Adrianee Thermal Baths, where various environments of the "calidarium" and the "frigidarium" hall are visible, and the Agora. From Velia, you will proceed through the Alento plain to Marina di Casalvelino. From here you can reach Pioppi where you will find an interesting museum reproducing the marine habitat characteristic of the coasts of Cilento. This small village is also famous for being the cradle of the Mediterranean diet and for hosting the American scholar, Ancel Keys, father of the latter. Continuing the trip you will reach Acciaroli where, in 1952, Ernest Hemingway spent his holidays and, according to many, was inspired for his novel "The Old Man and the Sea". You can stop here for a refreshing bath and for lunch in one of the many restaurants in the country. Continuing the bike ride you will arrive at Ogliastra Marina, the last stop before arriving at the hotel, and then to Punta Licosa, a true corner of paradise in Cilento. For those who still have the strength to pedal, you can deviate to Celso and Galdo, characteristic villages situated at the foot of Monte Stella. After refreshing and resting at the hotel, in the evening you can enjoy a walk in the characteristic historical center of San Marco. The town offers several possibilities for enjoying an excellent dinner.

Day 6: San Marco di Castellabate – Paestum (30 km)
Today's bike ride is quite short and will take you back to Paestum. If you didn't visit Punta Licosa yesterday, we recommend you do so. You can cycle along a paved path that from S. Marco will take you to the lighthouse. After a short break, you can continue to the medieval village of Castellabate. From here, the view is truly unique and the old town is a real jewel to walk through. The excursion will take you to Baia di Trentova, near Agropoli, passing through the small village of S. Pietro. Once you reach the coast, you can continue on foot through a path in the woods that will take you to Punta Tresino. The next stop is Agropoli, whose old town is dominated by an ancient medieval castle. Today's excursion ends in Paestum. Not far from the hotel is the archaeological area, we recommend a last walk along the avenue that runs along the temples. Dinner is free with several options.

Day 7: Paestum
After breakfast, end of services.


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Paestum and the Cilento National Park

  • To enter the true heart of Cilento, from ancient Paestum to the imposing Alburni Mountains
  • To savor the slow pace of life in the hinterland, away from the frenzy of the major tourist centers
  • To follow narrow country roads that lead to breathtaking views, among vineyards and centuries-old olive trees
  • To break up the journey every now and then with a refreshing sea bath
  • To alternate visits of natural and architectural beauties, such as the protected marine area of Punta Licosa or the majestic medieval castle of the picturesque village of Castellabate

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