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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

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Moderate-Difficult, between 50 and 100 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 700 and 1300 meters.



The starting point is different from the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Stradella
Individual arrival in Stradella and check-in at the hotel. Upon arriving in Stradella, you will find yourself immersed in the atmosphere of a fascinating village, a jewel set in the province of Pavia and crossed by the historic Via Postumia, a witness to the ancient Roman feats. At the top of a hill, isolated and majestic, awaits the Rocca di Montalino. Now transformed into a private residence, this fortress dominates the surrounding landscape. As you wander through the vineyards, which gently adorn the hills, you will discover the Basilica of San Marcello in Montalino. This magnificent example of 12th-century Lombard Romanesque architecture, built in brick and sandstone, shines in its ancient splendour. A National Monument since 1893, the basilica represents one of the oldest and most precious treasures of Oltrepò Pavese. It was here, towards the end of the 13th century, that the village became the scene of clashes between Piancentini and Pavesi, which is why Bishop Guido di Langosco built large defensive walls and the Visconti erected the Lower Fortress, later demolished to make space for today's marketplace, Piazza Vittorio Veneto. This place became the heartbeat of the village, a trading centre for agricultural products, wine, and locally spun and dyed fabrics, a legacy of craftsmanship and tradition. The Civic Tower, a majestic symbol of Stradella, still stands as a silent witness to this glorious past. The locals museums, including the Accordion Museum and the Natural History Museum, offer a unique window onto the culture and history of the place. These spaces, keepers of memories and knowledge, tell stories of a community rooted in its land and its traditions.

Day 2: Stradella (60 km; +/- 750 m)
Starting from Stradella, you will embark on a real adventure to discover Oltrepò, heading towards the picturesque town of Montù Beccaria. Located on a hill that rises to about 300 meters, Montù Beccaria extends along the bank of the Versa river, in an area of extraordinary beauty, where rows of vines gently wind along the hills. In this setting, the castle of Montù Beccaria emerges like a pearl, the most significant historical and artistic testimony of the village. In the heart of Montù Beccaria, you'll discover the ancient Castellazzo complex, once a massive fortress, now a silent witness to the passing of time, with most of its structures belonging to the college built by the Barnabites in the 17th century. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the history that permeates every stone and corner of this place. The heartbeat of Montù Beccaria is undeniably viticulture, which represents the main activity of the territory. Here, the generous land allows the production of renowned D.O.C. wines, including Bonarda-Croatina, Barbera, Riesling, Pinot and Moscato. We invite you to visit the historic cellars of Montù Beccaria for a unique sensory journey: the intense aroma of the must and the sight of centuries-old wooden barrels will transport you to a world where time seems to have stood still, where the wine tradition passes from generation to generation. Taste a glass of musty paste, an experience that will make your visit even more pleasant and tasty. At the end of this day full of discoveries and flavours, a relaxing dinner awaits you at the hotel, where you can reflect on the wonders you've experienced and rest up in preparation for your next adventures in this land rich in history and beauty.

Day 3: Stradella - Molato Dam/Lake Trebecco - Zavattarello (45 km; +1003/-553 m)
After a hearty breakfast you'll leave Stradella behind and head towards the Molato Dam and the suggestive village of Zavattarello. Your route will take you through the magnificent vineyards of Oltrepò Pavese, pedalling in a landscape that will enchant you with its colours and scents. Afterwards, you'll find yourself in front of the Molato Dam. Here, Lake Trebecco extends for 2.5 km, a serene body of water that also touches the province of Pavia. The lake's history is deeply intertwined with that of the region; it takes its name from a historic town located on a sandstone spur, at the border between the territories of Piacenza and Pavia, where possessions and churches subject to the Bobbio Monastery concentrated in the early Middle Ages and where the spheres of influence of Piacenza and Bobbio overlapped. Continuing your journey, you'll finally reach Zavattarello, which has been classified as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy". This charming village welcomes you in an embrace where history and nature blend harmoniously.

Day 4: Zavattarello - Fortunago - Varzi (40 km; +980/-1110 m)
Your journey begins at Zavattarello, a starting point that immediately immerses you in local history and culture. From here, you'll head towards Varzi, a location renowned not only for its culinary specialties, including the delicious Varzi Salami, but also for its ancient village, proudly listed among the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy". Your route will then take you to discover hidden treasures along the way, including Fortunago and the imposing Oramala Castle. The Oramala Castle, located on a rocky promontory overlooking the Staffora Valley in the municipality of Val di Nizza, emerges as a gem of the Upper Oltrepò. This majestic manor, originally erected by the Malaspina in the 10th century, has gone through different owners over the centuries: from the Estensi to the bishop of Tortona, until returning to the hands of its original owners in the 12th century. It was during this period that the castle reached the height of its importance as a cultural centre. In 1474, the fortress was further fortified for defensive purposes, a period in which its imposing stone tower was built, characterized by a unique layout: a semicircular figure leaning on a rectangle. Continuing your journey, you'll finally reach Varzi, a place that will welcome you with the warmth of its authentic flavours and the unique atmosphere of its ancient village. Here, you'll have the opportunity to savour Varzi Salami, a product that encapsulates the local tradition and culinary art. Varzi, with its cobbled streets and historic houses, is a real blast from the past, an open window onto the history and culture of one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy".

Day 5: Varzi - Curone Valley - Salice Terme (42 km) or Varzi - Greenway Voghera - Varzi (22 km)
Starting from Varzi, your route will lead you towards Salice Terme, traversing the picturesque Curone Valley, a corner of the world where nature and history blend harmoniously. If you're looking for a quieter experience, you can opt for the Greenway, a gentler and more relaxing route snaking through charming landscapes, gradually leading you to Salice Terme. The Curone Valley, nestled between the majesty of the Po Plain and the sinuous hills of the Ligurian Apennines, has always played a crucial role in the region's history. Its strategic location made this valley an important communication artery towards the sea since ancient times. This fertile land, crossed by the Curone stream that originates above the town of Bruggi, has been the cradle of numerous human settlements, evolving into vital centres with strong agricultural and commercial connotations. As you travel along this historic road, you'll find yourself immersed in a landscape that tells stories of peoples and cultures that have followed each other over the centuries. Every turn of the route reveals new views, every hill hides tales of a rich and varied past. The Curone Valley is not just a place to pass through, but an experience to live: its colours, its sounds, its scents are an invitation to slow down and savour the beauty of the journey. Upon your arrival at Salice Terme, you'll feel a sense of peace and satisfaction. This stage of the journey is not just a finish line, but a moment to reflect on the journey you've taken, on the natural and historic beauties you've explored and on the deep connection you've established with this captivating land of charm and life.

Day 6: Salice Terme (42 km; +/-500 m)
During this day, you'll be accompanied by an expert guide who will lead you through the breathtaking landscapes of Oltrepò. As you venture into these enchanting places, the guide will share with you the fascinating stories of this magnificent land, enriched by anecdotes and curiosities. Your attention will be captured by the Lands of the Riesling, areas renowned for their excellent wine production.

Day 7: Salice Terme
After breakfast, end of services and individual departure.

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Oltrepo Pavese on an e-bike

  • To experience the charm of Stradella, a village that encapsulates centuries of history and culture in the province of Pavia
  • To admire the historic Rocca di Montalino, which majestically stands on top of a hill offering a suggestive view
  • To explore the Basilica of San Marcello in Montalino, a jewel of Lombard Romanesque architecture and a testament to the history of the Oltrepò Pavese
  • For the beauty of a route enriched by local culinary excellence, along with suggestive panoramas, historic castles and abbeys, and for the comfortable experience of discovering the Oltrepò Pavese in e-bike, savoring every moment without getting tired
  • To discover the Castle of Montù Beccaria and the complex of Castellazzo, immersed in the history and winemaking art of the region
  • To enjoy the tranquility and charm of the Val Curone, which offers unique natural and historical routes
  • To immerse yourself in the green and lush landscapes of the Oltrepò Pavese in e-bike, pedaling through the vineyards that surround Montù Beccaria
  • To delight the palate with the Salame di Varzi and other local food and wine specialties
  • To deepen the knowledge of the Terre del Riesling, accompanied by an expert guide who reveals the secrets of local viticulture
  • To conclude the journey in Salice Terme, an ideal place to reflect and relax after days on the e-bike
  • To treat yourself to a holiday on e-bike discovering the beauties of the Oltrepò Pavese, pedaling from Stradella to Salice Terme

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