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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

2/5 Medium-Easy

Moderate-Easy, between 25 and 65 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 150 and 300 meters.


Hotel Based

The starting point is the same as the ending point, with overnight stays in the same hotel and daily stages.


Day 1: Bremen
Arrival in Bremen and accommodation in the hotel. Free time to visit this city where it seems that time has stopped for a few centuries: you can admire old houses, narrow streets and beautiful medieval buildings, but there are also great restaurants, modern boutiques and delicious gastronomy. Depending on your arrival time you can already do the first bike tour.

Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: possibility to carry out, in the order you wish, one of the following tours.

City Centre Tour: Bremen - Bremen (17 km)
This tour will take you through the less beaten paths of Bremen, revealing a deep and authentic perspective of the city. Bremen reveals itself as a vibrant metropolis, full of hidden corners and unique details that tell stories of a distant past and a constantly fermenting present. By cycling through the streets of the old town, you will feel the pulse of a city that has gone through over a century and a half of rapid and significant transformations. Observing the architecture, monuments and urban spaces, you will have the opportunity to understand not only the architectural evolution, but also the social and cultural dynamism that animates Bremen today. This route is not just a journey through time but an immersion into the energy of a city that has managed to reinvent itself while preserving its essence.

Worpswede Tour: Bremen - Worpswede - Bremen (62.4 km)
This enchanting bicycle tour will guide you along a path immersed in greenery, almost completely isolated from traffic. Cycling next to serene canals and along the banks of rivers such as the Wümme, Hamme, Beek and Wörpe, you will find yourself immersed in a vast landscape of expansive meadows and water areas, only interrupted by embankments, mounds and picturesque bridges. Many of these places are protected because of their ecological importance, offering you the opportunity to connect with a preserved nature rich in biodiversity. The heartbeat of this itinerary is formed by the grass expanses and water basins of the Hamme lowlands, as well as the characteristic village of Worpswede. This place has housed and inspired artists for over a century, and continues to be a vibrant cultural center. Here, art intertwines with everyday life in a way that you can experience by visiting museums, exhibition centers, galleries and historic buildings, many of which have been designed by the artists themselves. The union between artistic creativity and the rural charm of the village, which you can enjoy sipping a coffee and savoring a slice of cake in one of the local cafes, makes this tour not only memorable but deeply stimulating. You will find yourself discovering how art and nature can merge, creating an experience that awakens the senses and enriches the spirit.

Contrasts Tour: Bremen (59 km)
This tour will take you south, immersing you in the frenzy of city life and the grandeur of industrial culture represented by the ports. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by a universe of contrasts, where raw materials turn into goods, and merchant ships navigate waters flanked by warehouses and trucks. Despite the industrial appearance of this scenario, you will discover that behind every corner hides a cycling adventure that requires a bit of urban boldness. On the way back, the route will take you through the green block country, offering a striking contrast with the industry you have just left behind. Here, you will find yourself immersed in a fascinating natural environment, where the tranquility of the countryside contrasts sharply with the urban landscape you have just left. An experience that will surprise you, enriching your journey with a new perspective and a sense of wonder at the beauty of nature.

Blockland Tour: Bremen (27 km)
We welcome you to our compelling journey through Blockland, a recreational oasis just a stone's throw from the heart of the city. This area, with its peculiar cultural status, is a true treasure to explore by bicycle. Here, the presence of cows far exceeds that of people, giving this agricultural region an authentic and rural atmosphere. The surrounding marshes represent a precious and protected habitat, populated by a variety of rare flora and fauna. For outdoor activity enthusiasts, Blockland is a true paradise: cyclists, skaters and hikers will find a wide range of routes and trails to travel. Each pedal stroke will take you further away from the frenzy of the city, immersing you in untouched and lush nature. Blockland is much more than a simple hiking destination: it is a place where time seems to slow down, allowing you to reconnect with the beauty and tranquility of the countryside.

Fischerhude Tour: Bremen - Fischerhude - Bremen (57 km)
This exciting tour will take you to the charming artist village of Fischerhude, the highlight of an unforgettable bicycle trip from Bremen to the northeast. Along the path, you will cross a variety of breathtaking landscapes: wind-swept meadows, enchanted forests, and dune landscapes that seem suspended in time. Your pedals will brush ancient bridges as you move along well-paved tracks between the Wümme lowlands and secondary roads in the Osterholz district. Occasionally, you will leave the asphalt to venture onto dirt and forest paths, completely immersing yourself in the wild nature that surrounds the village. Through the suggestive Hexenberg Forest and the majestic Suhrheide, ideal for gravel biking, you will let yourself be carried away by the beauty of the countryside. But this tour is not just a journey through picturesque landscapes. It is also an opportunity to get closer to the culture and history of these fascinating lands. And while you pedal, you might be lucky to meet some forest inhabitant, adding a magical touch to an already unforgettable experience.

Water Paths Tour: Bremen - Bremen (54 km)
This engaging tour will guide you along the path of Bremen's historic struggle to secure access to the deep waters of the sea. Once positioned at the mouth of the Weser delta, the city had to face a titanic challenge over the centuries. The slow movement of the river has constantly threatened to silt up, forcing Bremen to fight with all its resources, both material and mental, to keep its connection with the world's oceans alive. The issue of sea access is still of primary importance for the city-state today, and during our tour you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this crucial theme. We will explore Bremen's ports carefully, looking closely at the imposing hydraulic structures and studying the secrets of navigation that have shaped the history of the city. But this tour is much more than a simple history lesson. It will also take you along the riverbanks, following the traces of the peat canals and revealing the secrets of the ancient rural settlements dotting the surrounding landscape. There are no challenging ascents on this journey: the only challenge will be the height of the embankments, which will allow you to enjoy an easy and panoramic route along the Weser's banks.

Werse Tour: Bremen - Bremen (29 km)
Experience Bremen in all its diversity on this tour! Your journey will start from the stadium, and you will be carried away by the magic of a short ferry crossing to the beach. Along the way, a sweet green embankment will invite you to relax, while the port area will welcome you with a vibrant mix of art, coffee, work and life on the waterfront. But what binds each stage of this tour is the mighty Weser river, the thread that ties Bremen to the North Sea and the rest of the world. Every time your gaze settles on the waters of the Weser, you can sense the call to adventure and exploration that characterizes the history of this fascinating port city.

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From Bremen by bike among the German Hanseatic cities

  • To explore Bremen authentically, discovering hidden corners and unique details that tell stories of a rich past and a vibrant present
  • To immerse yourself in unspoiled nature along a path isolated from traffic, among broad meadows, majestic embankments, and idyllic landscapes
  • To experience the enchanted atmosphere of the artists' village of Worpswede, where art and daily life merge into a unique and suggestive union
  • To savor the frenzy of urban life and the imposing culture of industrial harbors, discovering the fascinating contrast between industry and nature
  • To find peace and tranquility in the Blockland countryside, a recreational oasis immersed in the beauty of nature
  • To venture among breathtaking landscapes, through meadows, forests, and ancient bridges, discovering the picturesque village of Fischerhude and its rich artistic history.
  • To immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Bremen and its struggle to secure access to the deep sea, exploring the ports, hydraulic structures and suggestive river landscapes
  • To discover the secrets of the ancient rural communities along the banks of the Weser River, experiencing an adventure that mixes history and nature in a unique context
  • To experience Bremen in its diversity, from the stadium to the beach, on a journey that mixes art, coffee, work, and life along the banks of the powerful Weser River
  • To be carried away by the call of adventure and exploration along the Weser, the common thread that links Bremen to the rest of the world
  • To travel at a slow pace discovering Germany by bike

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