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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

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Moderate, between 35 and 85 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 300 and 1000 meters.



The starting point is different from the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Porto
Individual arrival in Porto and hotel accommodation. Porto is a historic gem with over 150 monuments declared a world heritage site. We recommend you to enjoy dinner in one of the many fine restaurants for which Porto is famous.

Day 2: Porto - Aveiro (60 km; +/- 500 m)
Your itinerary will begin with a lovely view of Porto, starting from the southern bank of the Rio Douro. Saddled on your bikes, you will head towards the ocean, following a cycle path that will guide you through scenic coastal towns, golden beaches, and authentic fishing villages. In these places, you will have the opportunity to observe the local fishermen aboard their traditional boats. The mostly flat route will lead you to the Esmoriz Lagoon, a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts. Your day will end with arrival at the Aveiro lagoon. If you have time, enjoy a trip on a Moliceiro, the vibrantly hand-painted wooden boats used to collect algae, along the canals for which Aveiro is called the Portuguese Venice. Be sure to visit the salt pans and indulge in the soothing properties of sea salt while immersing your feet in small pools.

Day 3: Aveiro - Mira (37 km; +/-225 m)
Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful center of Aveiro, often described as the Venice of Portugal, as you head towards Mira. Pedaling, you will soon find yourself in front of the cheerful holiday homes of Costa Nova, and then, the route continues between the lagoon and the unspoiled beaches, heading towards the wetlands of Mira. Here, the landscape will surprisingly change, offering you shady pine forests and placid lakes. Mira, where you'll spend the night, is a quiet fishing village known for its traditional fishing, practiced with colorful boats that were once pulled by oxen. The vibrant striped houses and the locals' hospitality will certainly inspire you. Enjoy the golden sparkle of the sun on the sand, sea, vegetation, and the vibrant color contrasts of the landscape. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the characteristic fishing village of Praia de Mira, where you can admire the typical colorful wooden houses, known as palheiros, and taste the delicious local specialties of fresh fish. Your day will end in a picturesque farmhouse located on the lagoon's shore.

Day 4: Mira - Figueira da Foz (48 km; +/-750 m)
Today you will leave behind the picturesque town of Mira, heading towards Figueira da Foz, along the enchanting Portuguese Silver Coast. Your route will wind along the coast, crossing sand dunes and remnants of vast pine forests, unfortunately devastated by the 2017 fire. This road will take you to the small and picturesque village of Quiaios, located at the foot of the majestic Serra da Boa Viagem. Leaving the village, practically at sea level, awaits the main challenge of today: a hard climb up to 260 meters of altitude. But your effort will be amply rewarded by a breathtaking panorama that embraces the ocean and the flat surrounding landscapes, once at the top. After a well-deserved rest, you will undertake the eagerly awaited descent, during which a scenic route will gift you unforgettable views of the ocean, beaches, and piers of Figueira da Foz.

Day 5: Figueira da Foz - São Pedro de Moel (54 km; +/-900 m)
The charm of Figueira's historic center will tempt you to take a break, but remember, a long stage awaits you. You will need to cross the bridge over the Rio Mondego, which is expected to be crowded, so for safety, consider crossing it on foot on the sidewalk. Continuing your journey south, you will delve into predominantly flat terrain. To avoid the busiest arteries, you will take an alternative route that will lead you along gravel paths, secondary roads, and a stretch on the main road. After covering about 28 kilometers, you will find yourself on the Estrada Atlântica, a scenic road along the ocean offering a broad and comfortable cycling path. Along this route, you will enjoy spectacular views of the coast and, in some sections, observe the remains of ancient forests that once covered the landscape, before being devastated by a fire in 2016. The current panorama is a charming mosaic of vast dunes and low vegetation, interspersed with remnants of Pedragao forest. The Ervedeira lagoon will add another element of variety, offering the perfect place for a refreshing break before continuing your journey. The route will continue along the cycle path of the Estrada Atlântica until you reach São Pedro de Moel, a refined seaside resort nestled in a forest clearing. This area, renowned for surfing, boasts a beautiful beach, bordered to the north by impressive rocks and to the south by a quiet stream. Don't miss the opportunity to fish near the rocks by the lighthouse, where the cliffs attract various delicious fish species, including bass and bream.

Day 6: São Pedro de Moel - Óbidos (70 km;+/-1450 m)
You will start your journey from the majestic lighthouse of São Pedro de Moel, riding the bike path along the Estrada Atlântica. As you get closer to Nazaré, famous among surf enthusiasts, you will notice that the bike paths become less frequent, scattering among the various villages. Expect some climbs before reaching the upper part of the historic center of Nazaré. After admiring the imposing surfers' waves at Canhao from the lighthouse and enjoying the breathtaking view from the Miradouro Suberco, you will descend towards the center, harbors, and beaches of Nazaré, perhaps the most famous fishing town in Portugal, also renowned for its beautiful beach. Nazaré stands out in many ways. Its old-time atmosphere, vibrant environment, and centuries-old traditions make it a unique destination. Its characteristic fishing boats, narrow and painted with bright colors, with high and curved prows, evoke the vessels of the Phoenicians, the first visitors to these coasts. Continuing along the coast, you will face more hills. The first is the Serra da Pescaria, which separates Nazaré from the picturesque São Martinho do Porto with a steep climb followed by a descent. During the summer, São Martinho do Porto, located in a circular bay, becomes a renowned beach resort, particularly loved by local residents. Once you cross the bay, the Serra do Bouro will challenge you with another climb, taking you from the bay of Sao Martinho to the delta of the Rio Arelho. The spectacular views along the coast and forests will reward your efforts. You will then arrive at Foz de Arelho beach and the beginning of the Óbidos Lagoon, where you will leave the ocean behind you. Along the lagoon and across the vineyards, you will approach your final destination: Óbidos, a charming fortified village that looks like a medieval movie set. The town has been meticulously preserved, and its inhabitants are proud to have maintained the architectural style, monuments, winding streets, and white houses adorned with flowery windows and terraces of past centuries. The internal walls of the southern gate, covered in 18th-century blue tiles, serving as the main entrance to the city, are particularly noteworthy.

Day 7: Óbidos
After breakfast, end of services and individual departure.

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From Porto to Óbidos in MTB

  • To discover the rich history and culture of Porto, a city boasting over 150 monuments declared world heritage
  • To cycle along the Portuguese coast, admiring picturesque towns, golden beaches and authentic fishing villages
  • For the opportunity to closely observe local fishermen in their traditional boats, witnessing a way of life that has been preserved over time
  • To explore the Esmoriz Lagoon, a paradise for birdwatching enthusiasts and nature lovers
  • To have the unique experience of sailing on the Aveiro canals on a Moliceiro boat, admiring the beauty of the "Portuguese Venice"
  • To immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of Mira, a fishing village where time seems to have stopped
  • To tackle exciting climbs, such as the one towards Serra da Boa Viagem, and be rewarded by breathtaking views of the ocean
  • To cycle along the Atlântica Road, enjoying spectacular coastal landscapes and discovering traces of ancient forests
  • To cross the Serra da Pescaria and the Serra do Bouro, with their challenging climbs and exhilarating descents
  • To conclude the journey in the enchanting Óbidos, a perfectly preserved medieval village, where history and architecture blend into a unique experience
  • To treat yourself to a magnificent holiday of Portugal in MTB

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