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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

3/5 Medium

Moderate, between 35 and 85 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 300 and 1000 meters.



The starting point is different from the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Berlin - Oranienburg
Individual arrival in Berlin. From the city center of Berlin, you can easily reach Oranienburg by taking the direct intercity train that will give you a first taste of the fascinating German landscape that will be the backdrop to your bike rides. Overnight in Oranienburg.

Day 2: Oranienburg - Zehdenick/Fürstenberg and surroundings (35 or 75 km)
The second day will see you cycle along the Oder-Havel Canal, a green corridor that winds through lush nature, up to Liebenwalde. Continuing along the Havel, you will reach Zehdenick, a place where history and nature blend into perfect harmony. This stage will offer you the possibility to completely immerse yourself in the silence of the woods and the crystal clear waters of the lakes, then rest in Zehdenick or Fürstenberg, enveloped by the tranquility of the landscape.

Day 3: Zehdenick/Fürstenberg/surroundings - Neustrelitz (45 or 78 km)
Cycling towards Neustrelitz, you will cross the legendary Lake Stechlin, eternalized by the pen of T. Fontane. This day will transform into a journey through literature and nature, where each pedal stroke will bring you closer to places of immeasurable beauty. The evening will find you in Neustrelitz or its picturesque surroundings, where you can reflect on the natural and cultural wonders encountered along the way.

Day 4: Neustrelitz - Waren/Müritz (65 km)
Today's stage takes place in the shadow of the Müritz National Park, a biodiversity sanctuary that promises close encounters with wildlife and breathtaking panoramas. You will cross Ankershagen, homeland of Schliemann, the man who discovered Troy, delving into stories of ancient civilizations. The day ends in Waren/Müritz, where the stars will be the only ones awake to watch over your rest after a day of discoveries.

Day 5: Waren/Müritz - Güstrow/surroundings (45 or 69 km)
The journey continues through the Nossentiner Heide, a national park where the green of the trees seems to touch the sky. This stage will take you to Krakow, a hidden gem among the forests, and then to Güstrow, where a tour of the old town and E. Barlach's studio awaits you. Culture and history merge with the landscape, offering you an experience that nourishes both the body and spirit.

Day 6: Güstrow/surroundings - Rostock/Warnemünde (54 or 78 km)
Along the Bützow-Güstrow Canal, this day of cycling will give you moments of tranquility and reflection, as you approach Rostock. The possibility of taking a train to Rostock offers a flexibility that enriches the journey, allowing you to manage the pace of your adventure. The night in Rostock will be an opportunity to explore a vibrant city, which perfectly balances past and present.

Day 7: Rostock - Nykøbing/Falster (38 km)
The journey will take you from the heart of Germany to enchanting Denmark, through a ferry route that reveals the breathtaking coasts of Falster. This passage, a bridge between two cultures, invites you to discover the serene beauty of the Danish landscapes, culminating with an overnight stay in Nykøbing, where the sea meets the sky in an endless embrace.

Day 8: Nykøbing/Falster - Stege (75 km)
The bike ride along the coast will take you through the beating heart of Danish merchant history, up to historic Stubbekobing. The option to take the ferry to Bogø island or to explore the Møn island by bike adds a touch of adventure, finally taking you to Stege, where past and present intertwine in a mosaic of unforgettable experiences.

Day 9: Møn island - Køge (55 or 107 km)
Crossing the bridge to Sjaelland, you will immerse yourself in a coastal landscape where nature and Danish architecture blend into perfect harmony. The return to Køge, after exploring the countryside dotted with stately homes and palaces, will be a return to the roots, a moment to reflect on the infinite nuances of the journey.

Day 10: Køge - Copenhagen (41 or 75 km)
The last stage takes you along the beaches to Copenhagen, a city that embodies the spirit of Danish innovation and culture. Here, you will have the opportunity to visit the Museum of Modern Art at Ishøj and discover the hidden treasures of the capital on foot, from Tivoli Gardens to the old port, in an ending that promises to leave an indelible mark on the heart of every traveler.

Day 11: Copenhagen
After breakfast, end of services and individual departure. Possibility to extend the stay.

By choosing to travel by bike with us, you help us make the world a better place: we plant a tree for every trip sold

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✅ What is included in the trip?

  • Travel/Medical Insurance 24/24
  • Overnight stay and breakfast
  • Luggage transfer
  • Local telephone assistance 7/7
  • Detailed description and maps of the itinerary
  • GPS or navigation APP
  • Ferry from Rostock to Gedser (incl. bicycle)

❌ What is not included?

  • Transfers not listed as "Included"
  • City tax
  • Tips
  • Journey to/from the starting point of the tour
  • Meals and drinks not listed as "Included"
  • Bike rental
  • Extras
  • Entrance fees, ferries and anything not listed as "Included"
  • Welcome briefing
  • Fakse / Rødving train
  • Køge: about € 15,
  • (incl. bicycle)
  • Stubekøing
  • Bogø ferry: about € 13,
  • (incl. bicycle)

💸 Cancellation fees

  • Time Range
  • Full refund
  • More 84 days of departure
  • 80%
  • From 83 to 84 days before departure
  • 70%
  • From 41 to 83 days before departure
  • 40%
  • From 27 to 41 days before departure
  • 20%
  • From 3 to 27 days before departure
  • 10%

From Berlin to Copenhagen by bike

  • To immerse yourself in the fascinating stories and legends surrounding the legendary Stechlin Lake, immortalized in the literature by T. Fontane
  • To cycle through the Müritz National Park, a unique experience in contact with unspoiled nature and rich biodiversity
  • To explore the historic city of Waren/Müritz and discover the secrets of Ankershagen, where Schliemann grew up, the man who discovered Troy
  • To cross the breathtaking landscapes of the Oder-Havel and Havel Canal, living moments of pure tranquility surrounded by natural beauty
  • To venture into the Nossentiner Heide, a national park where the green of the trees blends with the sky in a picture of rare beauty
  • To afford a journey through culture and art by visiting the historic center of Güstrow and E. Barlach's studio
  • To cycle along the Danish coasts, admiring the expanses of banks and trees and the most beautiful beaches of Falster
  • To explore Copenhagen by bike, visit the Modern Art Museum in Ishøj and walk in the Tivoli gardens and the old port
  • To treat yourself to a holiday between history and nature to explore Germany and Denmark by bike

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