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Discovering Spain by bike is a real pleasure for the eyes and the spirit: pleasant climate, varied l

Cycling in Spain on the most beautiful itineraries of the Iberian Peninsula

Discovering Spain by bike is a real pleasure for the eyes and the spirit: the pleasant climate and the many places to explore, both on the coast and in the hinterland, make this bike trip a unique experience, both for adults and children.

Despite the famous tradition of the "Vuelta", a very important competition in the sports cycling sector, until a few years ago Spain was not considered one of the best known destinations among cycle tourists. nI recent years the situation has changed. In fact, today there are numerous cycle paths in Spain, in particular Eurovelo 8 and the "vias verdes" network, which are cycle and pedestrian paths created thanks to the redevelopment of old unused railways.

Those who choose to treat themselves to a trip to Spain by bike can admire cities with an important architectural and artistic heritage, such as Valencia and Alicante, pedal to Girona and enjoy the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea. Let themselves be conquered by the warm Andalusian atmosphere and finally experience the unique and at times mystical experience of the Santiago de Campostela itinerary. Spain is the ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts because it perfectly combines nature, art, culture and a food and wine heritage with which to be pampered after long rides.

Discover the best cycle routes in Spain with our tours

Cycling enthusiasts in Spain can find a wide variety of places to visit. From cities to the sea, without forgetting the most authentic hinterland. Here are the bike tours in Spain that we have selected for you:

Your vacation in Spain by bike

The Cyclando world in Spain, inizia la scelta.

Costa Brava in Bici

Tempo stimato : 12-14 hours

Andalusia in Bici

Tempo stimato : 12-14 hours


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Of course! You can enjoy each tour on your own bike or you can rent one. However, we do recommend renting a bike, because not all bikes have the same parts, so we can only guarantee the best mechanical assistance when you hire directly from us.

What kind of assistance will I have during the trip?

You will always have an emergency phone number you can call. On self-guided trips, you will need to be able to make your own minor repairs, such as replacing an inner tube in the event of a puncture, or fixing a slipped chain, but you can always count on assistance on site for more serious damage.

How can I know if a tour matches my level of ability?

We rank our tours on a scale of 1 to 5, based on the length, elevation changes and complexity of the itinerary, but if you have any doubts then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you find the trip that is right for you.

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We offer free medical and baggage insurance for all Italian citizens on all our tours. We also recommend that you take out a cancellation policy; please click on this link for more information.

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We take choosing hospitality facilities very seriously, and to offer you as much flexibility as possible when booking, we often have a large number of hotels to choose from. For this reason we cannot provide an exact list of hotels before booking.

What is included in the tour price?

On each trip, you can click on “Dates and Prices” to see what is included, and what is not. Of course, you can always write to us or call us to find out more information or to request clarification.

How do I arrive at/return to the starting point?

Round-trip travel to and from your home and the trip’s starting point is not included, but we can always help you find the best available solution.

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