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Travel through East Europe with a bike and boat vacation

Eastern Europe has emerged as one of the destinations of recent years and is one of the places chosen by many travelers for wonderful vacations that combine sustainability, nature, and culture. 

A journey by bike and boat in Eastern Europe offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the purity of the islands of Croatia, or to navigate along the Danube, historically celebrated by artists and musicians of Central Europe. 

The Danube Cycle Path is a perfect route for both more experienced cyclists and beginners. It passes through 10 nations for a length of over 1740 miles: it allows you to cross half of Europe, combining the sustainability and the pleasure of the slowness of a bike trip, with some stages by boat

If you love Mediterranean landscapes, you can choose a tour by bike and boat among the islands of Croatia and its national parks: a full immersion in sea and nature. 

Finally, if you want to spend your bike and boat vacation in Eastern Europe, you can also choose one of the Eurovelo European routes that connect these countries with the North and Central Europe. Specifically, the Eurovelo 2, the Eurovelo 4, the Eurovelo 6, and the 13 reach up to the eastern boundaries of the continent. 

Discover all the bike and boat tours in Eastern Europe

If you are planning your bike holiday and looking for new routes, perfect for everyone, we have selected the best bike and boat tours in Eastern Europe for you:

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