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Explore the most beautiful rivers and lakes in Europe with a bike and boat tour

Cycling tourism enthusiasts who love a vacation in touch with nature and local traditions will not be able to resist the charm of Europe with a bike and boat tour.

his type of trip is the perfect, absolutely unforgettable experience for both the more experienced cyclist and for those who want to take a family break. Throughout the day you can ride your bike, discovering the treasures that usually elude those who only ride on the more well-traveled routes, and in the evening you can return aboard your comfortable boat-hotel, which will guarantee you a one-of-a-kind sunset view.

Traveling is an exciting opportunity because it gives you the chance to change your perspective, coming into contact with new places, their history and traditions that are very different from your day-to-day life. A bike and boat tour provides the perfect experience half on land and half on water, capturing all the charm of your destinations from different angles.

In Germany you can let yourself be cradled by the waves of the Rhine and Moselle rivers, exploring picturesque cities and gentle countryside. In Scotland you can admire the Inner Hebrides and the Highlands on board a magical sailing ship. France, Belgium, Greece, and there are so many other countries to explore! Traveling by bike and boat allows you to find the explorer in yourself again, providing a fun, exciting and totally unique experience.

Check out the best destinations to discover Europe with a bike and boat tour

Do you want to treat yourself to an unforgettable journey on land and water, but you don't know which destination best suits your needs? To make the choice as easy as possible for you, we have selected these wonderful bike and boat tour destinations:

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