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Guided and self-guided cycling holidays on two wheels in the most beautiful European destinations.

Experience an unforgettable guided or self-guided cycling holiday in Europe. The variety of landscapes, cities of art and culture, ancient villages and local traditions will become your most faithful travel companions who will give you the opportunity to discover the heart and soul of a plethora of countries

A cycling vacation in Europe means taking the right amount of time to immerse yourself in a new local culture, admiring the changing landscapes and enjoying every single stop on the route. From countries that are small but perfect for cycle tourism, such as Switzerland, Austria, Holland and Belgium, to larger countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Germany, the itineraries for your cycling trips in Europe offer infinite possibilities, and you can choose the one that best suits you and your interests.

Europe is the perfect destination for a guided or self-guided cycling holiday thanks to its vast network of well-marked bike paths and available services. It is no coincidence that cycling happens to be a big part of the local culture of many central-northern countries! If you are planning your cycling vacation in Europe for just yourself, with friends or the whole family, you are sure to find the perfect trip to keep everyone happy: all you have to do is pack your bags and get on the saddle!

All cycling tours along the most highly recommended itineraries and bike paths in Europe

All cycling tours along the most highly recommended itineraries and bike paths in Europe Europe is one of the best destinations in the world for cycling: its many well-marked bike paths combined with a variety of services dedicated to cyclists make it the perfect destination not only for the more experienced cyclist but also for those just beginning to discover the world of cycling.

There are countless cycling itineraries available throughout Europe, starting from the EuroVelo network of cycling routes that connect the North and South, East and West of the continent, crossing many countries, down to the many national and local routes.

Among the most beautiful cycle paths in Europe, we certainly have to mention those of Avenue Verte, the Loire Castles, the Danube and the Rhine, the Via Rhôna and, of course, the unmissable Camino de Santiago. Cycling paths in Europe are generally well marked, leading to the perfect vacation dedicated to nature, sport and sustainability.

If you are planning a guided or self-guided cycling holiday, we have selected the best travel options for you:

Austria by bike

Be inspired by the naturalistic and artistic treasures of this wonderful country: discover Austria by bike, the perfect...

Germany by bike

Germany by bike is a cult for cycling enthusiasts who want to indulge in an unforgettable stay amidst...

France by bike

Immerse yourself in the charm of unique landscapes, artistic and gastronomic treasures: discover France by bike, leave for...

Spain by bike

Discovering Spain by bike is a real pleasure for the eyes and the spirit: pleasant climate, varied landscapes...

Italy by bike

Discover Italy by bike and enjoy a unique travel experience cycling through an incredible variety of landscapes and...

Scotland by bike

Visiting Scotland by bike is the best way to immerse yourself in fairytale landscapes, wild nature and amazing...

Switzerland by bike

Discovering Switzerland by bike is the best way to fully enjoy an active cycling holiday, in contact with...

Eastern Europe by bike

Discover the beauties of Eastern Europe by bike, indulge in the variation of landscapes, in different local cultures...

Northern Europe by bike

Immerse yourself in unspoiled nature and super bike-friendly cities, leave for a unique experience: discover Northern Europe by...

Portugal by bike

Exploring Portugal by bike is a unique cycling experience in a pleasant climate all year round, among different...

England by bike

Visiting England by bike is the perfect solution to really see the country, discovering special places, far from...

Holland by bike

Discover Holland by bike, enjoy an eco-friendly holiday in the country of bicycles riding on safe and beautiful...

Discover cycle tourism in Europe with Cyclando's bike trips

Cycling in Europe is one of the most beautiful travel experiences you can have in life. Not only for the presence of some of the most important art cities in the world, but also for the variety of natural landscapes that range from mountains to plains, from hills to wide sandy beaches, obviously not forgetting the wild cliffs of the North.

However, it is not always easy to choose the itinerary that best suits your abilities and interests. For this reason we have selected for you the best bike tours in Europe, made by different operators: so you can easily compare different proposals and choose the one that best suits your legs.

With Cyclando you can buy your dream trip by bike online, in a simple, safe and fast way. Follow our CLICK AND RIDE motto: choose the trip you prefer, book in one click and get in the saddle for your new adventure!

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