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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

2/5 Medium-Easy

Moderate-Easy, between 25 and 65 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 150 and 300 meters.



The starting point is the same as the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Lecce
Individual arrival in Lecce and check-in at the hotel. After settling your luggage, the staff will welcome you and provide the bikes (if rented). While they explain the route to you, you'll toast with a glass of local wine, savoring your first contact with the authentic soul of Salento.

Day 2: Lecce - Otranto (58 km)
The first stage of your tour unfolds along a completely flat route that will allow you to admire the beautiful natural and cultural landscape surrounding you. As you continue pedaling, you will approach what was once the small medieval settlement of Segine. We recommend you visit the fortified city and the 16th-century castle of Acaya, a real jewel of Renaissance military architecture, immersed in a fascinating historical context. Continuing your journey, you will cross the WWF protected Oasis of 'Le Cesine', a vital crossroads for numerous species of migratory birds. This place represents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a precious ecosystem, closely observing the variety and beauty of unspoiled nature. Pedaling towards the sea, you will first skirt the ruins of Roca Vecchia, testimony to an ancient Bronze Age city, located near the wonderful "Grotta della Poesia", an enchanted place that for centuries has inspired stories and legends; then along the Alimini Lakes, two stretches of water that enchant with their tranquility and the surrounding landscape, an oasis of peace that seems almost suspended in time. After a few kilometers, you will arrive in Otranto, the pearl of Salento, which will welcome you with open arms, revealing its most hidden treasures. Between Byzantine frescoes that tell forgotten stories and walks on the ramparts from which to admire the infinite sea, you will feel protagonists of a journey that spans centuries of history. Otranto invites you to wander through its narrow lanes and its tales, in a mix of culture, art, and nature that will make you forget time.

Day 3: Otranto (29 km)
After a hearty breakfast, your adventure today unwinds through the discovery of the Otranto inland. Your route begins by following the winding curves of the Idro, a small river that gives its name to this city of ancient legends, and guides you towards the discovery of a hidden treasure: an ancient Byzantine crypt from the 13th century. This place, shrouded in an almost mystic silence, is a bridge to a distant past, where the faded colors of the frescoes speak of faith and art with touching simplicity. Continuing your journey, Casamassella welcomes you with the surprise of ancient looms, silent witnesses of a textile art that ‘Le Costantine’ Foundation has been able to bring back to life. It is impossible not to be fascinated by the skill with which artisans transform threads into history weaves, in a continuous dialogue between past and present. The journey then enriches with magic at Giurdignano, where you cross the megalithic garden. Here, among dolmens and menhirs, you walk literally among signs of remote civilizations, in a landscape that seems suspended in time, where every stone has a story to tell, whispered by the wind that caresses the high grass. Later, for lunch, you are expected for a visit with a tasting in one of the most characteristic ovens in the region, where a family of farmers decided to transform ancient grains into baked goods with an ancient taste. Then return to Otranto and free afternoon to visit the city. Also, you will have the opportunity for a horse ride at sunset, open also to those who are not experienced riders.

Day 4: Otranto - Santa Maria di Leuca (54 km)
With Otranto now behind you, you begin pedaling along one of the wildest and most suggestive coastal stretches of Salento. Natural wonders await you such as the lighthouse of Punta Palascìa, the easternmost point of Italy, and a unique lake that has emerged in an abandoned bauxite quarry, surprising testimonies to the beauty that nature can offer. The coastal road, nestled in the cliff overlooking the sea, turns into a majestic balcony over the Otranto Channel. On the clearest days, it is possible to gaze at the distant mountains of Albania and the nearest Greek islands on the horizon. Continuing your journey, you will have the opportunity to explore the Zinzulusa cave, which extends for almost 200 meters into the depths of the earth, offering you an enchanting journey through the hidden wonders of the underground. While cycling, you cannot help but admire the terraces and dry-stone walls, works of ingenious farming that have turned a barren and rugged land into fertile cultivation. These signs of human interaction with nature tell stories of hard work and love for their land, revealing the profound soul of this landscape. Crossing the "Ciolo" bridge, a small canyon carved by waters and enriched by rare plants, you will finally reach Santa Maria di Leuca. Here, visiting the sanctuary, you will follow the footsteps of ancient pilgrims, in a journey that combines the beauty of the landscape with spirituality.

Day 5: From Santa Maria di Leuca to Gallipoli (61 km)
Today you ride to discover Cape Leuca, the southernmost tip of Puglia. In a few kilometers, you will find yourselves exploring small villages, each custodian of its own precious secret. In Salignano, you will come across the majestic defense tower, while in Castrignano, discover an ancient oil mill dug into the rock, silent witness to local traditions. Your journey continues towards Patù, where the "Centopietre", an enigmatic funerary monument adorned with remnants of Byzantine frescoes, will enchant you with its aura of mystery. In Giuliano, the ruins of a dilapidated castle whisper stories of past epochs, and in Barbarano, 'Leuca Piccola', for centuries a reference point for pilgrims, will reveal to you a vast underground area, still imbued with spirituality and charm. For history buffs, a stop in Ugento to visit the archaeological museum became a journey back in time, discovering the remains of Greek and Messapian civilizations, reminding you of how deep the roots are of this land. In the afternoon, your adventure continues towards the Ionian coast, pedaling through the Regional Natural Park Isola di Sant'Andrea and the Litorale di Punta Pizzo, where nature shows itself in all its splendor, offering you landscapes of breathtaking beauty, which invigorate the spirit and body. Upon your arrival in Gallipoli, the well-deserved rest awaits you: an appetizer on the bastions of the ancient walls, from which to admire the sea merging with the sky at the horizon. Gallipoli, located on an island and originally a small fishing village, surprises you with its unique light, its narrow lanes, and the lively fish market, witnesses to a life that, despite the passage of time, maintains the authenticity of maritime traditions.
Day 6: Gallipoli (60 km)
Today is entirely devoted to exploring the inland area of Gallipoli, a journey that will lead you to discover the hidden wonders of this land rich in history, culture, and unique flavors. Your adventure begins with a stop at Tuglie, where radio enthusiasts will have the opportunity to visit a museum dedicated to this fascinating means of communication. Here, you can admire ancient radios, all perfectly working, which will transport you back in time, in an era where the radio was the main window to the world.
For foodies, Tuglie reserves a sweet surprise: you can't leave the village without having tasted the spumone in a bar in the center. This local specialty, with its creaminess and enveloping flavors, will delight you, offering a moment of pure pleasure. Continuing your journey, Mari and Antonio await you in their welcoming house/company for an exclusive cheese tasting, reserved for you cyclists. This experience will allow you to savor the richness of local products, the result of the love and dedication of those who work the land with passion. In the afternoon, your exploration continues towards Galatina, where the Basilica of Santa Caterina awaits you. Get ready to be breathless in front of the beauty of the Giotto-style frescoes that completely decorate the interior of this church, a masterpiece of art that tells stories of faith and beauty. After admiring the basilica, take some time to explore the beautiful historic center of Galatina, a labyrinth of streets and squares that recount centuries of history and culture. Before heading back, take a stop in Galatone to visit its wonderful baroque old town and the Norman castle of Fulcignano. These places, with their imposing architecture and rich in details, represent the living testimony of the historical greatness of this region.

Day 7: Gallipoli - Lecce (52 km)
Your day begins along the Ionian coast, where you will have the opportunity to visit the "Porto Selvaggio Natural Reserve". This place is considered by many as the most enchanting point in all of Puglia for immersing themselves in crystal clear waters. The wild beauty of this corner of paradise, with the sea gently breaking on the rocky coast and the Mediterranean scrub surrounding it, will give you moments of pure relaxation and connection with nature. Resuming the journey towards Lecce, the landscape transforms, leading you through fields cultivated as far as the eye can see, dotted with fortified farmhouses and 19th-century villas that testify to the richness and historicity of this area. Each building, with its unique architecture, tells a story of past times, rural life, and landed nobility. When you reach Nardò, you will find yourself immersed in the charm of its baroque old town. The majesty of its churches and palaces, with intricate details on the facades and the Lecce stone that lights up under the sun, will make you feel as if you were immersed in an open-air artwork. Continuing your journey, you will reach Copertino, where awaits the discovery of its imposing Norman-origin castle. This monument, with its robust walls and towers that stand proudly, will introduce you to the legends of San Giuseppe da Copertino, the "Saint of the flights", the patron saint of students and aviators, whose extraordinary life has left an indelible mark in local history. In the late afternoon, with the arrival in Lecce and the return of the bikes, this stage of your journey is concluded. Lecce, with its unmistakable baroque style that decorates every corner of the city, will welcome you with a warm and vibrant atmosphere, marking the perfect epilogue of a journey that has allowed you to explore the varied beauty of Salento, from its crystalline coasts to the hidden treasures of the inland.

Day 8: Lecce
After breakfast, end of services and individual departure.

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Discovering Salento by bike and its wonders

  • To immerse oneself in history and art from the very first day, with a welcome toast in Lecce, the beating heart of Salentinian Baroque
  • To cycle through flat landscapes that reveal the allure of ancient settlements and castles, like that of Acaya
  • To venture into the pristine nature of the WWF Oasi 'Le Cesine', a sanctuary for migratory birds
  • To discover the "Grotta della Poesia" and the Alimini Lakes, natural gems that narrate the millennial history of Salento
  • To explore Otranto, with its Byzantine frescoes and the walk on the ramparts, in a journey through centuries
  • To follow in the footsteps of the ancients in Giurdignano, walking among dolmens and menhirs in an open-air megalithic garden
  • To taste traditional baked goods, the result of the transformation of ancient grains by skilled farmers
  • To admire the Punta Palascìa lighthouse and the bauxite quarry, natural wonders along the coast from Otranto to Santa Maria di Leuca
  • To experience the unique feeling of pedaling through Cape Leuca, discovering small villages rich in history and culture
  • To conclude the journey in Lecce, where history, culture, and architecture blend, offering a complete immersion in the Salentinian Baroque
  • To discover the wonders of Apulia on a bicycle and particularly of Salento, crossing through ancient villages, admiring breathtaking landscapes, and savoring the local tradition

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