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The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

2/5 Medium-Easy

Moderate-Easy, between 25 and 65 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 150 and 300 meters.



The starting point is different from the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Porto
Individual arrival in Porto. After settling your luggage in the hotel take advantage of your free time to explore the cobbled streets, savor a glass of fine wine and admire the sunset on the Douro River 

Day 2: Porto – Arcos/Vila do Conde (52 km; +76 m)
Your journey will begin with the majestic Cathedral of Porto, a starting point that will immediately immerse you in the city's historical and cultural atmosphere. From here, let yourself be guided along the winding Porto stream, which will delicately lead you to the mouth of the Douro River. You will feel the air change as you approach the Atlantic, where the briny smell of the sea mixes with the sweet one of the river. Heading north, the coast will reveal itself in all its magnificence. The coastal route will take you through picturesque sceneries and fascinating locations such as Matosinhos, Leça da Palmeira, and Angeiras, where the sound of the waves will accompany your every pedal stroke. The sea will be a constant companion, an infinite blue that extends beyond the horizon. Arriving in Vila do Conde, you will be welcomed by a mosaic of history and beauty. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore architectural treasures such as the Convent of Santa Clara and the Fortress of São João, silent witnesses of past eras. The Igreja Matriz, the vibrant harbor, and the waterfront will provide moments of quiet reflection, while the Praça da República throbs with life and local culture. Leaving the sea behind, you will venture inland, following the course of the Rio Ave. Here, the landscapes change, revealing the quiet villages surrounding Vila do Conde, each with its own unique story to tell. The Rio Este, more discreet and secluded, will finally guide you to Arcos, marking the end of this stage of your journey, full of discoveries and natural and cultural wonders.

Day 3: Arcos/Vila do Conde – Esposende – Barcelos (45 km; +130 m)
Returning to the coast, a unique experience awaits you: the encounter with the majestic Monastery de Rates, a place where history and spirituality intertwine in an atmosphere of solemn beauty. Your rediscovery of the sea marks the entrance into the district of Braga, where the Via winds through some of the most enchanting beaches in northern Portugal. The itinerary will then take you through the Natural Park of the Northern Coast, a sanctuary of biodiversity and breathtaking landscapes between Apúlia and Esposende. Here, nature will envelop you with its magnificence, offering you a moment of peace and connection with the surrounding environment. Arriving in Esposende, a picturesque path along the Cávado River will lead you to the lighthouse and the fortress of São João Batista, silent witnesses of maritime stories and ancient battles. This place, where the river meets the sea, offers a suggestive panorama that will remain etched in your memories. Leaving the coast of Esposende, you will embark on a new route along the Central Route to Santiago. This road, steeped in history and tradition, will guide you through the lush valley of the Rio Cávado, where the landscape gradually changes, revealing the interior of Portugal with its unique colors and scents. The day will end in the heart of Barcelos, a center rich in culture and traditions, where you can reflect on the experiences of the day, surrounded by an atmosphere that only a place so steeped in history can offer.

Day 4: Barcelos – Ponte de Lima (39 km; +198 m)
Starting from Barcelos, you will ride on the Central Route to Santiago, a path that will take you to discover the most authentic part of Portugal. Dirt tracks and small roads will guide you through wooded areas and lush vineyards, where the smell of the earth and the aroma of the grapes merge into a unique sensory experience. As you approach the church of Tamel, a picturesque path will lead you to the quiet village of Portela de Tamel. Here, the road unwinds and intertwines with the N-204, leading you to the detour of Quintiães. Taking a path that winds through the fields, you will reach the church of Aborim, a small jewel nestled in the rural landscape. Crossing the Tábuas bridge on the Neiva River, you will find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The route then climbs towards Vitorino dos Piães, where a rising road will challenge you with its slope, rewarding you at the top with a breathtaking view. Continuing along lesser-traveled roads, you will discover the Ecovia cycle path that runs along the Rio Lima. This stretch of the journey will offer you moments of serenity, with the sound of the flowing water providing the background to your pedaling. Finally, you will arrive in Ponte de Lima, the oldest city in Portugal. Here, time seems to have stood still: the historic center will welcome you with its picturesque Roman bridge, a symbol of a glorious past. Ponte de Lima, also known as the capital of vinho verde, will invite you to explore its paved streets, hidden corners and taste the famous local wine, in an atmosphere that only a city with such a rich history can offer.

Day 5: Ponte de Lima – Valença (32 km; +396 m)
Crossing the ancient Roman bridge over the Lima River, you will find yourself facing the legendary ascent of Serra da Labruja. This stretch, just over 4 km long, will challenge you with an elevation difference of 300 meters, but will reward you with breathtaking views and a sense of accomplishment once you reach the top. With the next stage promising to be longer, take advantage of the day to explore Valença do Minho, a border city rich in charm and history. Here, architectural wonders such as the imposing Forte de Valença, a bastion dominating the landscape, and historical places of worship such as the Capela de São Sebastião and the Bom Jesus Military Chapel await you. You will also discover the Paços do Concelho and the churches of Santo Estêvão and Santa Maria dos Anjos, silent witnesses of a rich and complex past. The day will end spectacularly, with the view of the sunset from the forts of Forte de Valença. Here, you can reflect on the experiences lived, as the sun sets painting the sky and the river below with warm colors, offering you an unforgettable moment of peace and beauty on the Portuguese Way.

Day 6: Valença – Larache/Redondela (53 km; +229 m)
Crossing the Rio Minho, you will enter Spain, where the historic district of Tui will welcome you with its ancient charm. Your path will wind along the Coengo Valiño and Calzada streets, leading you to the Park and Church of San Bartolomé, places steeped in history and spirituality. Continuing the journey, you will venture into a lush forest, an oasis of peace and nature, before reaching the picturesque village of A Magdalena. From here, after crossing Os Eidos o As Gándaras and seeing in the distance the famous pink granite quarries, the path will take you to the lively municipality of O Porriño, a place where tradition and modernity meet. Leaving O Porriño, you will head towards the As Angustias Chapel, a small hidden gem along the way. The road will climb slightly to O Enxertado, offering you a breathtaking view of the valley, leading you to the Santiaguiño de Anta Chapel, where a Roman milestone marks your progress towards Redondela. Arriving at Vilar de Infesta, you will find yourself immersed in a landscape that seems taken out of a painting, with the section that ends at the legendary Chan das Pipas. The path will then guide you through Saxamonde, Quintela and O Muro, sketching the road to Redondela, where you will enter the city from the suggestive Piazza Ponteareas. After leaving Redondela, the route will take you to the As Angustias chapel, marking the entrance to the parish of Cesantes. Here, to the east, the spectacular Ria of Vigo awaits you, a panorama that will leave you breathless. The route will then wind through the parish of O Viso, continuing until Arcade. Along the roads of Portas, Lavandeira, Cimadevila, Velero, and Barroncas, you will approach the historic Sampaio bridge, a medieval bridge that crosses the Verdugo River. Shortly after, you will surpass the wall that separates the Salinas de Ullo from the bay, finding the end of this stage in the quiet village of Larache, a place where time seems to have stopped, perfect for reflecting on the experiences lived and the emotions felt along the way.

Day 7: Larache/Redondela – Padrón (55 km; +160 m)
Returning on your steps to the salt marsh wall, your journey will continue through the historic city of Ponte Sampaio, where ancient stone paths and sections of the Roman road XIX will accompany you. Advancing towards Pontevedra, you will discover charming places like A Boullosa, Santa Comba de Bértola, the Santa Marta Chapel, and the picturesque locations of Tomeza, Casal do Río, and O Marco. The Via Otero Pedrayo will guide you to the Santuario Virxe Peregrina, passing through Soportales, Plaza Teucro and via Real, where the incredible historic center of Pontevedra awaits you with its wonders. Leaving Pontevedra, the path crosses the Lérez river on the O Burgo bridge, leading you next to the vast wetland area of A Xunqueira de Alba. Surpassing the railway line and the Granda River, you will climb to Pontecabras, the church of Santa María de Alba, and the parrodo. Passing the Chapel of San Caetano, you will immerse yourself in the woods of Reirís and Lombo da Maceira, where a small stone bridge on O Rego do Cárcere will lead you to the municipality of Barro. From San Mauro, the route winds to San Mamede da Portela, crossing the bridge over the Areal River. Here, you will find yourself immersed among large stone houses in Valbón. Paying attention to the signs becomes crucial, as the path interweaves with other trails, with the constant presence of the N-550 and a new high-speed railway line that has transformed the landscape. Through A Seca and the parish of Briallos, you will head towards Caldas de Reis. The route varies between short trail sections, dirt tracks, and asphalted roads, leading you to Tivo, almost at the gates of Caldas de Reis. Here, the path follows the streets of Santa Marta and Ferrería, crosses the bridge over the Umia, leading you to the famous thermal springs of the city, known since Roman times. Continuing along the Real road, you will cross another bridge over the Bermaña River, a medieval jewel. Leaving Caldas, the path climbs up to the complex of Santa Mariña de Carracedo. O Pino gives way to Monte Castelo, with its dense forests bathed by the waters of the Valga river and dotted with old mills. The Pino Manso viewpoint offers a breathtaking view of the Ulla river valley. Crossing the oldest part of Pontecessures, a bridge over the Ulla marks the boundary between the provinces of Pontevedra and A Coruña. Entering the city, the path winds through the trade fair district and follows the Paseo do Espolón. In the heart of the historic center, the Santiago de Padrón church awaits you, a place where history, culture, and spirituality come together, offering a moment of reflection and wonder on this stage of your journey.

Day 8: Padrón – Santiago de Compostela (27 km; +259 m)
Departing from Padrón, your path winds along the Via Dolores, crossing the Sar River before reaching Iria Flavia. Here, passing by the Nobel Prize foundation of Camilo José Cela, you will find yourself crossing the N-550. The Sar valley will reveal small traditional villages, each with its unique story, such as A Pousa, O Souto, O Rueiro, Cambelas, and Anteportas, until leading you to the Sanctuary of A Escravitude. Behind it, the valleys of Padrón open up, offering you magnificent views of the Amaía lands. The route then descends to A Angueira de Suso, continuing to O Faramello and the pilgrim's hostel in Teo, a welcoming accommodation option. From here, it will climb up to Rúa de Francos and then to Osebe. Getting closer to O Milladoiro, the place where pilgrims traditionally kneeled at their first sight of the cathedral, you will start to perceive the aura of Compostela that pervades the atmosphere. Descending towards A Rocha Vella on the Sar River, you will cross the Ponte Vella, a historic bridge that will lead you along a path parallel to the river up to a crossroads. Here, you have two options, both well signposted: continue straight through the neighborhood of Santa Marta de Baixo up to the Chapel of Santa Marta and Via Rosalía de Castro, or turn right towards the historic district of Conxo, continuing along the streets Sánchez Freire and García Prieto and Avenida Vilagarcia. This latter option will join via Rosalía de Castro, taking you to Piazza Vigo. Entering the old quarter through Porta Faxeira and Via O Franco, you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere steeped in history and spirituality. The traditional entrance to the cathedral for pilgrims on the Portuguese way is through As Praterías Square, a place that represents not only the end of a physical journey but also the beginning of a new spiritual chapter. Here, among the ancient stones and the sounds of the city, you can reflect on the journey you have made, the experiences you have lived and the profound meaning of your pilgrimage. The final stage will bring you to Santiago de Compostela, an exciting goal for every pilgrim. Along the way, you will discover small villages and enchanting rural landscapes. The arrival in Santiago, with its imposing cathedral, is a moment of great emotion and satisfaction.

Day 9: Santiago de Compostela
After breakfast, end of services and individual departure.

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The Way of Santiago by MTB

  • To start the journey in the beautiful city of Porto, where every cobblestone tells stories from the past and sunsets on the Douro River color the city with golden hues, offering a magical and historic atmosphere
  • To discover the Way of Santiago by MTB, a historic and fascinating route where the traditions, art, language, and customs of the early pilgrims have intertwined over the centuries, creating a unique cultural mosaic
  • To experience the intense emotion of arriving in Santiago de Compostela, where the majestic cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, dominates the main square, symbol of the end and beginning of a spiritual journey
  • To visit the Monastery of Rates and the Sanctuary of Escravitude, places of deep spirituality and history, where ancient architecture and stories of faith blend into an atmosphere of solemn beauty
  • To pedal along the coast towards Vila do Conde, where the salty air from the sea mixes with the sweet and fresh air of the Douro River, creating a natural environment of rare beauty and serenity
  • To cross the Northern Coast Natural Park, a sanctuary of biodiversity where flora and fauna thrive in a protected environment, offering breathtaking natural scenery and moments of peace
  • To discover places like Barcelos on the Cavado River, rich in historic monuments and a lively local market, and Ponte de Lima, the oldest village in Portugal, known for its historic Roman bridge and cultural traditions
  • To tackle the legendary climb of the Serra da Labruja, a challenging route that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and a sense of personal triumph once the summit is reached
  • To cross picturesque villages, lush woods, and aromatic vineyards, discovering the authenticity and variety of the Portuguese landscape
  • To pedal from ocean coasts to rural trails, from historic cities to medieval bridges, experiencing a unique adventure that offers landscape and cultural diversity at every stage
  • To take a holiday to discover the wonders of Portugal by MTB in a unique journey that combines sports, nature, and culture

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