Family cycling trip in Salento from Lecce to Porto Selvaggio

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8 days




With family

Capture memorable moments by starting with your family and your children!


The beauty of this package is in the freedom it offers: without a guide, you are free to decide the timing, pace, and stops of your journey. Travel freely, travel your way!

1/5 Easy

Easy, between 10 and 40 kilometers per day with an elevation gain between 0 and 150 meters.



The starting point is the same as the ending point, with overnight stays in different hotels and daily stages.


Day 1: Lecce
Individual arrival at Lecce and hotel check-in. Depending on your arrival time, you will have time to explore this magnificent Baroque city, nicknamed the "Florence of the South". Don't miss the amphitheatre, the Cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Croce, architectural gems that will captivate you with their history and beauty.

Day 2: Lecce - Martano (26 km)
After a hearty breakfast, the itinerary will unfold on completely flat routes, along quiet secondary roads, offering you the chance to fully immerse yourself in the landscape. Along the way, you will discover Cavallino, a place where time seems to have stood still. Here, you can explore its open-air museum that will tell you the story of the Messapian civilization, ancestors of these places before the arrival of the Greeks and Romans. Later, you will cycle through countryside dotted with olive trees and characteristic dry-stone walls, all the way to Calimera. In this village, you can explore a nature museum that reveals the secrets of the regional flora and fauna, offering you a real dive into Salento's biodiversity. At the end of the day, you will arrive in Martano, considered the capital of the "Grecía Salentina". This town stands out for its vibrant connection with Greek roots, keeping alive traditions and language from an almost mythical era.

Day 3: Martano - Martano (23 km)
Today your journey will take you to the heart of "Grecía Salentina", a unique corner of Salento where echoes of a Byzantine past still resound in the streets and conversations of the inhabitants. In this small region of only 9 municipalities, medieval Greek survives as a living language, a testament to the historical presence of Byzantine monks. As you continue to cycle, the route will take you through the municipalities of Zollino, Sternatia and Martignano, each with its own charm and cultural riches. Walking through their historic centres, enveloped in an almost timeless atmosphere, you will discover the culinary delights that make this area so special. Among these, the "sceblasti", a soft and fragrant bread topped with tomatoes, zucchini, onions and peppers, which could easily become the star of your lunch. You will then not be able to resist the "sibilla", a delicious dessert made with almond paste created by a skilled local pastry chef.

Day 4: Martano - Galatone (35 km)
Leaving Martano behind, you will discover Castrignano de' Greci, a place where the past meets the present through the "pozzelle", ancient rainwater collection systems that tell of a time when survival depended on human ingenuity and respect for natural resources. Continuing towards Corigliano D’Otranto, you will come face to face with its imposing baroque castle, a fortress that stands majestic on the surrounding landscape. The itinerary will then take you to Cutrofiano, renowned for its excellence in ceramic craftsmanship. Here, where the art of ceramics is passed down from generation to generation, you can watch craftsmen at work, shaping clay with a skill that turns simple pieces of earth into real masterpieces. For those seeking a more immersive experience, a visit to a local organic farmhouse offers a unique opportunity to connect with the land. Here, amongst centuries-old olive trees and cultivated fields, you can meet cheese and honey producers, savouring the fruits of a job that respects the rhythm of nature.

Day 5: Galatone - Galatina (30 km)
Your fifth day will start off immersed in the tranquillity of a farmhouse, where you can choose to personally pick fresh vegetables from the garden. Alternatively, for those wanting a more interactive experience, there’s the opportunity to participate in a cooking class with Anna, a skilled cook and warm hostess of the large country house. Under her guidance, you’ll learn how to prepare orecchiette, a symbol of Apulian cuisine, and "pitta di patate", a delicious local variation of the classic pizza. After lunch, you can enjoy relaxing moments in the large pool of the house, but afterwards you'll hop back on your bike to head towards Galatina. Along the way, you will discover the Basilica of Santa Caterina, an architectural gem entirely adorned with Giotto-style frescoes that narrate sacred stories in a dance of vibrant colours. The visit to Galatina's historic centre is a further plunge into beauty, among narrow alleys and welcoming squares, where every corner unveils a piece of Salento's history.

Day 6: Galatone - Gallipoli (25 km)
As you pedal through the Salento countryside, your path will meander through centuries-old olive trees and "pajare", the typical dry-stone constructions that bear witness to the ancient peasant wisdom and the art of construction without the use of mortar. Arriving in Galatone, you will have the opportunity to explore the castle of Fulcignano. Built during the Norman period, the castle is an imposing monument that evokes the times when a robust fortification was necessary to protect the people and territories. Heading towards Alezio, you can immerse yourself in the deepest roots of the region by visiting the Museum of the Messapic civilization. Here, ancient artefacts tell the story of one of the most mysterious and fascinating civilizations of Southern Italy, offering you a deeper understanding of the land's origins. For history and technology enthusiasts, we recommend a detour to Tuglie to visit the Radio Museum, which makes for a charming digression. The museum houses a vast collection of historic, functional, and well-preserved radio devices, narrating the evolution of radio communication. At the end of the day, you will reach Gallipoli, where the sea will invite you to plunge into its crystal-clear waters.

Day 7: Gallipoli - Porto Selvaggio - Gallipoli (28 km)
Pedalling along a particularly quiet stretch of coast, you will immerse yourself in the coastal landscape that alternates between rocky cliffs and golden beaches. Your journey will culminate with the arrival at Porto Selvaggio Nature Park, a true hidden treasure. This park extends over more than 1000 hectares and features an oasis of biodiversity, where Mediterranean scrub plunges into the crystal-clear sea waters. Here, you will have the opportunity to take a dip in the cool spring waters, relaxing and letting yourself be lulled by the waves, in an environment that invites contemplation and rejuvenation of the spirit. On your way back, you will not be able to resist the temptation to stop at Santa Caterina. This little seaside village will welcome you with its disarming charm, where time seems to have stood still and life revolves around the sweet ritual of ice cream. Tasting a cone or cup here, looking at the sea, is a moment of pure joy, encapsulating the sweet and salty essence of life in Salento.

Day 8: Gallipoli - Lecce
After breakfast, you can explore the historical center of Gallipoli, then a taxi will take you to Lecce. After the end of the services, you will depart individually.

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Family cycling trip in Salento from Lecce to Porto Selvaggio

  • To stroll among the masterpieces of Baroque architecture in Lecce, discovering the architectural wonders of the Roman amphitheatre, the Cathedral and the Basilica of Santa Croce, monuments that tell centuries of history and culture
  • To explore the quiet secondary roads of Salento by bike, venturing through serene and flat landscapes, ideal for a relaxing ride that combines sport and discovery of the territory
  • To immerse oneself in the ancient culture of Grecìa Salentina in Martano, where Greek languages and traditions survive in a unique context that mixes history, language and folklore in a profound cultural experience
  • To live a unique bike trip in Salento for families cycling from Alberobello to Lecce
  • To taste the local delights in the small municipalities of Zollino, Sternatia and Martignano, where you can enjoy the "sceblasti" and the "sibilla", dishes that combine richness of flavors and culinary history in a sensory feast
  • To visit Castrignano de' Greci and discover the "pozzelle", ancient water collection systems that demonstrate the ingenuity of past generations in managing natural resources
  • To get a close look at local production in an organic farmhouse, where interaction with cheese and honey producers offers insight into rural life and sustainable agricultural practices
  • To learn how to cook traditional Apulian dishes such as orecchiette and "potato pitta" in a cooking lesson led by a local cook, a culinary experience that enriches the journey with new skills and authentic flavors
  • To traverse the ancient and fascinating history of Galatone, visiting the majestic castle of Fulcignano and immersing oneself in the Norman history that shaped the region centuries ago
  • To spend a whole day in the Porto Selvaggio Natural Park, bathing in the crystal-clear waters and enjoying the tranquility of one of the most beautiful and preserved parks in Salento
  • To end the journey with a sweet break in Santa Caterina, where the simple pleasure of an ice cream enjoyed in front of the sea captures the essence of a perfect holiday in Italy, combining relaxation, beauty and tradition in a single moment.
  • To cycle among the expanses of olive groves in Apulia by bike and admire Salento 

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