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Stunning fjords, unspoiled nature, design, innovation and tradition: discovering Norway by bike mean


Travel Norway by bike between lakes and fjords

Stunning fjords, unspoiled nature, design, innovation and tradition: discovering Norway by bike means plunging in all this and much more! This Scandinavian country is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and thanks to the increasing numbers in cycle tourism, one of the best destinations in Northern Europe for cycle touring.

Cycling Norway will allow you to immerse yourself in the incredible nature of Northern Europe pedaling among coniferous forests, clean lakes and extraordinary landscapes illuminated by the Northern lights.

Exploring Norway by bicycle is the dream of many cyclists who want to experience an authentic outdoor adventure in the Great North.

Being a predominantly mountainous country, cycle paths could put cyclists to the test for some stretches, so it is important to know how to choose and organize the trip according to the activity level you are prepared for. Imagine immersing yourself in the beauty of the Lofoten Islands, or discovering the incredible Stavanger region or even climbing the steepest kilometer in Europe located between Olso and Bergen.

Well, it's time to pack: your Norway bike tour is waiting for you!

Discover Cyclando's Norway cycling tours

During the last few years Norwegians have discovered the joy of cycling and turned the country into an easy to pedal destination. However, planning a well organized cycling trip is not always an easy task, that's why we have selected the best bike tours in Norway for you. Discover our selection:

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