Berlin by Bike


Berlin by bike: pedal on the new bike paths of the German capital

According to many travelers, there is no better way to visit Berlin than by relying on a bicycle. With over a thousand kilometers of bike paths used daily, by at least one in eight residents, Berlin by bike is the perfect combination to let yourself be captivated by the street charm of this wonderful European capital. This German city is built for cyclists, so much so that this vehicle is considered an integral part of the daily life of Berliners. In addition to the numerous bike paths in Berlin, what is striking is the presence of signs at every corner of the street, the numerous bike racks and spaces dedicated to cyclists who have the comfort to move with the utmost tranquility.

Discovering Berlin by bike is therefore the ideal solution for those who want to treat themselves to a bike trip in Germany full of its cultural traditions, historical heritage, and artistic novelties that have changed the appearance of the city starting from its walls. Depending on what you want to visit, you can choose from a wide range of city tours and tours that come from other parts of Germany, considering the German capital as the perfect end of the trip. Choosing a vacation in Berlin by bike is the opportunity to discover an unpublished side of this city, which continually captivates the visitor with its eclectic and never boring beauty.

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For you, does traveling mean discovering destinations each time from a different perspective? Let yourself be inspired by our proposals for bike tours in Berlin:

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